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Corporate compliance

Behaving responsibly is the most important step to progress 

This idea from Julius Huxley contains a lot of truth for Henk International. If you don't play by the rules, you might get a short-term advantage but never long-term success. We prefer to grow securely, each and every day. 

To put it simply: we stick to the rules. We behave fairly, we show respect for our employees and business partners, and make sure that everyone abides by the laws of the land and the codes of conduct of the company. 

Because we deal with customers of greatly differing sizes - from single persons to complete Ministries of State - we have implemented a Compliance Management System. This enables us to put guidelines into practice which reflect the size, structure and nature of Henk International, while allowing us to meet the requirements of large corporate customers. 

We find no discrepancy in this combination of corporate compliance and efficiency.

We also recognise our responsibility to society.

We belive that "Helping can be so simple." That's why we have developed a project under this name, providing help that is long-term, sustainable and local. We don't donate money, but provide things that are really needed.  

So why do we find that simple? We've noticed that during every move the same thing happens: stuff gets sorted out. Private people discard food or clothing when they move, companies dispose of office supplies. And most of these things are in mint condition. We help by collecting all these things and bringing them to people who need them. For example, a food bank in Düsseldorf that looks after 7,000 needy people every week. Or a convent that provides clothing to people in need, including many children. 

For sure, surplus office supplies don't save any lives, but they can certainly help in the education of underprivileged children. That's why we collect these items for a local school. 

With our project "Helping can be so simple" we want to show - together with our customers - that Henk International takes its responsibility to society seriously. 

Of course, we also have a responsibility within the company. We value and support our employees; we provide apprenticeship and trainee opportunities; we have more stringent workplace safety requirements than any other moving company in Germany; we constantly improve our environmental protection measures; and we contribute our fair share to our city, state and national governments. 

Do you have any questions? 
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