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Both a challenge and a motivation

In our globalised world, every company has the responsibility to work sustainably. We have taken up this challenge and have made sustainability an important part of our company strategy. While management has the main duty to define our values, these standards are passed on to our employees and implemented by them.  

We are convinced that we can only be successful if we combine commercial growth with social and ecological accountability, and by supporting and developing our staff.

We think that sustainabilty has many sides.

For Henk International sustainability means that we take responsibility for:

  • for the protection of the environment

  • for the development and safety of our staff

  • for society as a whole

  • for responsible growth

  • for working reliably with all our partners

  • for keeping a high level of quality for all our services

  • for adhering to our Corporate Compliance guidelines

Resources are important to us

Sustainability also means using resources responsibly. We see the potential of items that customers often throw away when they move: food, clothing and office supplies are often disposed of, even if they are in mint condition. As part of our initiative "Helping can be so simple", which started in 2014, we redirect these items to worthy causes: food items go to a charity for the needy, clothing is collected for refugees, and office supplies are given to a local school.  

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