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Professional business moving according to plan – with the proactive experts from Henk International

We know that a business move is a complex undertaking, one that can cause a lot of stress for those responsible. With 60 years of experience carrying out moves within Germany and abroad, we know that many problems can be reduced or avoided with the right planning and preparation: before, during and after a business move. We know that it's not just about packing and transporting furniture, documents, machines and other company equipment. It's also about changing the location of a company with deep-rooted structures, with fixed operating procedures, with obligations, with customers and business partners who should not be affected by the move.  

If you are looking for a stress-free move for your business, then we are the right partner. We plan the move professionally, we calculate the prices fairly, and we provide made-to-measure service. All this results in a smooth business move, minimising down-time for your daily business or for the production. A structured change of location allows your staff members to quickly feel comfortable in their new surroundings and continue their work as before. 

Individual and professional: made-to-measure business moving

Your staff and office material, your equipment and machinery all need to get to your new location with a minimum of downtime. For this to happen, your business move needs to be structured and scheduled perfectly. In addition, quick and expert packing is needed, along with a coordinated transport plan. And all this needs to be done at a reasonable price. 

Our years of experience and valuable expertise help create a business move that suits your requirements in terms of performance, schedule and budget. The larger the move, the greater the complexity, but we know how to handle such challenges and keep our customers happy.   

We are at your side during the whole process, anticipating any problems and delivering solutions to your requirements. 

An overview of our services for your business: 

  • Office moving

  • Logistics for new office furniture

  • Furniture logistics and support - we're the partner right by your side


  • Special projects


  • IT relocation & cable management

  • Storage


  • Hotel logistics

  • On-site moving and services


  • End-to-end services

  • Document storage and library moves 

Individual calculation of the business moving charges

Are you looking for an all-round service including the packing of all files, furniture and pieces of equipment? Or should just the heavy and technically sensitive items be transported by us? We calculate the charges for your business move according to the services required and the volume to be moved. Our efficiency and professionalism in the planning and performance of your move mean that we can quote a really fair price for a quick and stress-free business move. 

We provide a proactive service with a high-quality level, made possible by the expert qualification of our staff and our tailor-made customer service. All this contributes to a smooth business move.  

Any questions regarding your business move?

We'd love to show how our expertise can help you. Please get in touch - after successfully carrying out countless moves, we know the issues that cause concern to our customers. 

Contact us for your made-to-measure quotation for your business move. You can reach us on email or call us on +49 211 99 80 70.