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Moving house: heading to new horizons

No matter where your new role takes you, moving house is a challenge, whether moving locally, within Europe or overseas. And especially an international assignment, whether short- or long-term, will be viewed by you as your own personal household move. After all, you are putting yourself (and maybe your family too) in a totally new situation, in which you need to feel comfortable as soon as possible. 

Experience our service for household moves

It feels good to know that you can rely on a partner who has decades of experience in household moves and moving abroad. As a global moving service provider, we at Henk International have specialised in looking after the people moving and their families by offering a personalised service and the best possible support. Our experience in national and international moving has made us the specialists for integrated move management, employee assignments and relocation services. We place the highest priority on personal support and finding the best solutions for customers. We know that each move is unique, and we look after each move accordingly. 

How does a move with Henk International in my home actually work?

A move entails much more than simply transporting moving boxes – it involves handling your belongings with the utmost care. From the cherished garden gnome to the precious marble top, each item is treated with the utmost care. Witness our team in action and experience how we turn every move into a seamless and secure experience!

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