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From local moves to international move management

From local moves to international move management

It all started in the backyard of the Henk family. In 1959 Marlene und Ludwig Henk senior founded a small moving company, typical for the time. Small private moves were successfully coordinated from that backyard. The company became so successful that, at the age of 54, Ludwig senior decided to pass on the flourishing business to his son Ludwig junior, and take early retirement. Now over to you ... 

" You can do it" was the advice that Ludwig junior received from his parents when he took over the business on New Year's Day 1987. He continued the success story of the company, but also changed the direction of the company as HENK became more and more international. When Manuela Henk joined the business in 2000, bringing international experience and her knowledge from her own family's moving company, HENK was also able to focus on international business and customers.  

In the early stages not many had confidence in the ability of a small company like HENK to compete in the international move management arena. Sniffed at by some competitors in those early days, we are now one of the specialists for international moving in Germany. No matter how complicated or how big, whether horses or an entire Interior Ministry, we master the challenges of every move. Even our own one, because we have moved on from that backyard a long time ago. 

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