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On-site services & facility management on demand

Our on-site services give you the support you need when you need it. We carry out tasks for facility management and help you cope with all those day-to-day situations for which you don't have the staffing capacity. With our own team at your premises every day, plus our large network of experts, we can react quickly and flexibly to your requests for support.  

Our qualified team available at your premises

For tasks such as setting up new work stations in your office, preparing rooms for special events, redesigning the use of office space or carrying out facility management duties, you don't need to use your own staff or create your own special team. Leave that to us. We send you a team made up of an experienced project leader and qualified specialists to provide you with support when and where you need it. We build up a core team that over time knows exactly what is needed for your business, staff and processes. 

Our trained staff react quickly and work in harmony with your procedures. If additional specialists are needed, we make use of our large network to react flexibly and provide support in the following areas:  

  • Office space planning and optimisation


  • Moves within your premises, setting up of new work stations

  • Furniture inventory and administration


  • Project planning

  • Logistics planning

Online booking system for on-site services 

Using our Order Request System, you can order our trained staff quickly and easily online. If we have a team at your premises every day, our project leader will coordinate his team and schedule the tasks. These services are possible throughout Germany. We coordinate your requests and the whole service process so that the right numbers of staff are at the right location at the right time, anywhere in Germany. 

Flexible, high-quality on-site services – ask for further information now

Our on-site services provide a high degree of flexibility and quality, made possible by our own trained staff and a large network of technicians, IT specialists and other selected partners. This means that we can react quickly and flexibly, even if the request looks difficult to fulfil. We focus completely on your requirements and carry these out professionally.  

Do you have any questions regarding our on-site services, or would you like to book experienced staff to support your facility management projects?
Call us on +49 211 99 80 70 or contact us by email.