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Short- and long-term storage – optimal solutions for storage problems

It's always possible that something unexpected happens shortly before a move. What happens if the redecorating work in the new house or apartment doesn't finish on time? Your move-in has to be postponed, but you have to leave your old apartment. In cases like this, we provide you with interim storage. Or maybe you decide to move abroad for your employer, but only want to take a few personal items because your new home is furnished. For this situation, we can store your belongings while you are away.  
Or perhaps you start a new and interesting job in a different city, but don't want to move yet because you want to see if you really like the job, the city and the people there. For cases like this, we also have a solution for the storage of your belongings. 

The reasons why we store furniture, equipment or works of art are just as varied as the reasons for a move. In our storage warehouses in Düsseldorf, and in our container warehouse near Düsseldorf, we provide storage possibilities for all sizes of items and all volumes of storage goods.

Storage with Henk International

We at Henk International store your belongings according to your requirements. Small volumes are stored in smaller storage units. Larger volumes, like the complete contents of an apartment, are stored in a 20' steel storage container. The advantage is that we don't need to reload the items. In conventional warehouses, your belongings are unloaded and reloaded a number of times. Not with us. We load all items into the storage container at your address. Then we seal the container and bring it directly to our container warehouse. By not unloading and reloading, we save handling charges and greatly reduce the risk of damage. 
For every problem you may have with space, we have the storage solution. 

Storage is only a part of our service

We provide assistance to customers who face a variety of new situations and challenges, whether they are moving abroad, have suffered water damage or have inherited a quantity of furniture. In addition to storage services, we also offer a range of moving services to help you cope with any new situation which requires storage, packing and transport. 

A solution for every type of storage problem

  • Short-term storage, for example when delays occur with renovation or re-decorating work. Services include making the storage container available, storage in our container warehouse, and transport to the new address
  • Storage in transit, if you come from another city or from abroad and need time to find the right house or apartment
  • Long-term storage for furniture and other items that you don't need at the moment

Our warehouse is not designed as a self-storage warehouse. We are the ones who do the work - full service as opposed to DIY. Should you need access to your storage items, we can make your rented containers available to you, or we can go through the items and locate a certain box or whatever you may need.  

We would be pleased to give you more information regarding our storage options and other services to suit your specific needs, and help with your household moveoffice move or change of location.

Just send us an email or call us on +49 211 99 80 70.