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10 tips for your move abroad

10 tips for your move abroad

Make things easier for yourself when moving abroad!

When moving abroad, it really pays to plan your move carefully and thoroughly.

Benefit from our years of experience with these 10 practical moving tips to help make your move abroad easier:

  1. Look after Visa formalities in good time. Find out about how long it takes and if there are any deadlines. 
  2. Check well in advance if you need to give notice on contracts and insurance policies, or if these can be suspended for your time abroad (e.g. mobile phone contracts, gym memberships). You can find a sample letter in our download center.
  3. Check if you need to de-register with the authorities. 
  4. Make a list of the contact details of all your friends (also your children's friends) and let them have your new address. 
  5. If necessary: build up a stock of prescription drugs (in case it will take time at destination to find a suitable doctor). 
  6. Build up a network with your current colleagues. Collect their contact details and note down their responsibilities and interests.
    This will help you to stay in touch with people at the company, which really helps when you return. 
  7. Make contact with your new colleagues at destination. This will help you in the start phase. 
  8. Keep yourself informed about what's going on in your new local area, using blogs, business publications and local websites. 
  9. Organise a leaving party and use it to give away things you can't take with you (furniture, decorations, plants etc). 
  10. Make use of the Henk International moving checklist and planner

We are ready to help you with everything involved with your move.
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