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Hotel and hospitality logistics – we can help you with that!

Are you a project manager or someone responsible for the furnishing of new hotels? Are you looking for a partner who can take over all the logistics involved in such a project, so that you can concentrate on your core competencies and main tasks? Or do you need a specialist for all logistical services involved with the renovation of a hotel? 

We at Henk International are your competent partner for hotel logistics. We look after the commissioning of new furniture, install the furniture in the hotel rooms and equip the hotel with the necessary furnishings. Using our extensive network of craftsmen, technicians and suppliers, we can organise and coordinate a wide variety of tasks involved in hotel installation projects. 

Hotel and hospitality logistics according to your requirements  

As your end-to-end hotel logistics partner, we take care of everything that is involved with FFE (furniture, fixtures and equipment): furniture assembly, setting up the hotel kitchen, arranging the disposal of packing material or building site waste, organising joiners, electricians and other craftsmen. You can leave all that to us: managing a supply chain is part of our daily business. 

We provide hotel logistics to your specifications. That means you can arrange the delivery of all FFE items to our warehouse, we look after room-ready assembly and set up everything in the hotel rooms. Or we can just look after part of the process, for example just the transport to the hotel or just the installation. We provide a hotel logistics service that relieves you of as many tasks and burdens as possible.  

Hotel and hospitality logistics across Germany with uniform quality standards 

We have built up an extensive network across Germany and can support you in all technical aspects involved in furnishing new or renovated hotels. We choose the necessary service providers, coordinate the work on-site and look after the quality check to ensure everything is completed as required.    

That also means that we provide the same high quality standards for hotel logistics in all locations across Germany.  

A summary of our services 

  • Possibility to choose between a total package or selected services 


  • Support through our network across Germany


  • Receiving goods at warehouse and condition check


  • Commissioning and assembly of new furniture


  • Management of claims and returns


  • Transport and installation at destination


  • Storage of old furniture and fittings if required


  • Installation of FFE, setting up with OSE


  • Disposal of packing material, equipment and old furniture


  • Selection and coordination of subcontractors if required


We are your partner for hotel and hospitality logistics  

We are ready to help you with whatever you need when opening a hotel or a chain of hotels in Germany. Together with our staff and our partners, we make sure that furniture, equipment and fittings are ready for delivery exactly when they are needed. We also ensure that items like beds, cabinets, glasses, kitchen items and mirrors are positioned exactly where you want them. 

Please contact us for more information and we can put together a customised concept for hotel logistics that covers all your requirements. You can reach us by email or call us on  +49 211 99 80 70.