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Your company for moving abroad: an all-round partner

Moving abroad made easy: we pack your possessions, your furniture and your memories safely and professionally.  For your move abroad, we support you by planning and carrying out your move competently and on time. Above all, we are your all-round partner, looking after everything involved with your move abroad and your new adventure. We provide experience and service quality so that your move abroad goes as simply as possible. 

We take away your worries and stress - before, during and after your move abroad - and thereby help to make this exciting period of change as manageable as possible for you. At the same time, we provide timely advice on customs regulations, visa requirements and tax issues, so that you are completely informed about your move abroad. With us, you have a proactive partner at your side who doesn't let problems occur. 

For an easier move abroad and emigration - our tips and advice: 

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  • Customs information for the most popular destination countries - download

  • Safety advice for sea shipments - download


  • Safety advice for air shipments - download


  • Importing alcohol - download


  • What can we do to improve? Assessment criteria for Henk International - download



Charges for a move abroad

We always keep an eye on the costs for moving abroad. However, because each move is unique, we cannot give any indication of charges without knowing all the details. For an individual quotation, please contact us via our contact page.

It's never "just" a move abroad ...

"We are by your side" is not an empty phrase for us. We stand for a type of service that focuses 100% on the customer. Everyone in our company, from the trainees to the owners, has this attitude. Our job is to support customers and make things easier - no matter when and where worries, problems and obstacles occur on a move abroad. After all, our motto is: It's never been just about moving!

We don't just transport stuff. Your clothing, your children's toys, your valuable heirlooms - you, and everything that is important to you, are in the best of hands! For your move abroad, you profit from our extensive experience resulting from many years as a moving company.  The peace of mind when using us shows itself not only before your move abroad, when you have less stress during the packing stage. That feeling continues when you arrive at your destination. 

Clever concepts for your move abroad – tailor-made, scheduled and sustainable!

We look after the complex planning and organisation of your move abroad for you. With our years of experience, we develop a custom-made concept for you, taking into account your preferences and requirements. Taking apart furniture, packing, transport and logistics are all coordinated in such a way that you can leave your old home behind with no worries and arrive at your new address without any stress. You are safe in the knowledge that all your furniture and belongings are going to arrive safely at destination. During this process, we not only uphold our own high-quality standards, but also carry out your move in a sustainable manner. We work to improve the sustainability of our packing material and the electromobility of our logistics fleet. 

Ask for your personalised quotation

Contact us by email or under +49 211 99 80 70. We'll support you with advice tailored to your needs, a custom-made concept and useful checklists for your move abroad.