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For small moves to the USA – groupage is container sharing

For small moves to the USA – groupage is container sharing

Are you moving to the US but don't yet know how to get your stuff there? Are you looking for the right partner to help with your move to Silicon Valley, the Big Apple or the Windy City? Is value for money important for you? 

If so, you've come to the right place. We have a number of options for every size of move. Especially for small moves to the USA, we offer the possibility of container sharing, also known as groupage. So ... what's that? Well, the idea of using things together with other people, saving costs and helping the environment is not really new - think of libraries, car sharing and timeshares for vacation properties. So, we haven't invented anything new for the moving business, but have just copied other ideas that work. With our idea, a number of people share a container and thereby help to reduce the costs of shipping their things across the Atlantic.